Six months ago we took a poll on our ever-growing Linkedin Group –, the Restoration Marketing Blog (highly recommend becoming a member *cough cough*). The question was this:

What is the #1 attribute you look for in a new marketing hire? – What-is-1-attribute-you-4866854.S.237342919?qid=e406211b-fa45-4901-b012-466e9cd070b6&trk=groups_most_popular-0-b-ttl&goback=%2Egmp_4866854

Wonder what the winning answer was? We gave participants 5 different options all dealing with various aspects the comprise pretty valuable attributes of a solid marketing team. Options included :

  1. Experience / Past performance
  2. Technical Ability – Web Design, etc
  3. Eloquent Speaking Skills
  4. Social Media Marketing Talent
  5. Forward Thinking Marketing Ideas

71% of restoration business owners chose Forward Thinking Marketing Ideas followed by a long shot tie between Technical Abilities and Speaking Skills. So the judges have spoken – thinking outside of the box IS IN!

Restoration Marketing blog Poll Results


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