How Five Dollars can Change Your Marketing Career and Your Life.

If you learned nothing from the but these two words – then I can die a happy person because these two words – despite all the tricks, tips, insider info, and books – are the two words that will take you farthest not only in work but also in life. If you were two quit your marketing job in property restoration tomorrow, but you remembered and used these two words, I’d still live a long and happy life knowing that you’ll get far sailing on the winds of these vocabulary treasure troves. These simple two words when sewn together and used heartily will forever change the perspective your clients and your friends have towards you and your company. These words are so strong that I tell you them with the knowledge that you’ll use them only when you mean them sincerely and without the desire to gain only for yourself but to rather give back and gain from the good karma which you’ve inevitably reaped.

The two words are words you’ve known your entire life, but haven’t used nearly enough. Those words are Thank You.

I can, without hesitation, tell you that simple appreciation has gotten me further in life than anything else I’ve learned. I went to college for marketing and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the simple, succinct “thank you‘s” have taken me beyond the ability of any college degree. What I want you to understand is that thanking the people around you will have a stronger impact on the people you want to market to than any give away, happy hour, or promotional item ever will. And you need to always remember this.

“Ok – I get it. Thank you. Literally – but now what.” I’ll tell you what. Here’s your “million dollar plan,” and you’re going to start it tonight. Right now if you’ve got a pen and paper handy. I found this on – and it summarizes everything I need you to take away from this blog post.

“You guys wanna know the “secret” to my business success? Write thank you letters mercilessly. Spam the sh*t out of your friends with your gratitude. They need to know you care and appreciate them.

For example, you meet Bob and do business together. Write Bob a thank you note. Bob refers you to John. Write Bob a thank you note for the referral. John decides to do business with you. Write John a thank you note and also write Bob a thank you note telling him that his referral became a customer and you appreciate it. Now John refers you to Sally. You write a thank you note to John for the referral. Sally becomes a customer and now you write her a thank you note, John a thank you note, and Bob a thank you note.

Do this every single time.

I haven’t had to actively sell myself in over a year because I get a ton of word-of-mouth referrals.

I love buying stamps because it means business is booming.”

I wish I could stress how devastatingly important this is. Saying thank you is telling someone you appreciate them. It’s praising them from the sincerest perspective possible: Thank you – thank you for helping me. Thank you for thinking of me. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to email me. Thank you for that referral. Thank you for saving me a seat at that BNI. Thank you for being a customer. Thank you for – for everything!

Do you know what I’ve started doing? Each Monday I go to Starbucks and purchase a pack of their $5 gift cards in a pack of 5. Total investment? $25. I easily drop twenty five dollars when I hit up the nearest Chili’s (please try their cheese cake – it’s surprisingly to die for). I then skip over to Target to buy a pack of blank small cards – . That’s 50 blank “thank you” cards for $15 bucks. Total investment? $40. $40 to change your marketing career and potentially your life? Easy choice. I then scamper home and find 5 people – whether through work or personal life who deserve to be thanked. Doesn’t have to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize – just has to be someone who needs thanking. From a marketing perspective – an agent who gave you a referral. A homeowner who left you a stellar Yelp review. A business owner who called you for a late night flood. A coworker who helped you at the last event. There’s literally hundreds of people you can (and will) write these cards to.

Now write them. Right now – all 5 gift cards. You’re going to send them out right now and you are going to do this every Monday. And it will literally change your life. Sprinkle it into your personal life too. Mom thought to call you last week? Tell her thanks. Your neighbor watered your plants while you were out of town? They’re getting a thank you card. Spare no one. Love your hair stylist? Thank them. These two simple words of “thank you” will change not only your life, but the recipient will be beaming from ear to ear with the thought of your name.

Can you picture that? An insurance agent beaming when they hear your name? I wish I could take credit for this concept. Goodness, I wish I could give that redditor credit for this concept. But this concept is age old. And who better to reference than the number one man in human persuasion than Dale Carnegie when he said:

“Once I did bad and that I heard ever. Twice I did good, but that I heard never.”

People never hear thank you’s – but they so often hear complaints. You know you do. Your company does so much good, but that one time – that one time you guys dropped the ball – you hear irate customers on the phone, Yelp reviews that would make a grown man wince, and scathing home owners walking into your offices. But what about those people who helped you? Who didn’t run to the internet when your company was behind schedule? Who offered your name up to friends who needed some home restoration?

Try this – the five $5 gift cards every Monday. Try it for 1 month. Let me know if anyone emails you back that they hated it. Send me an email if a client decides to cut you off after receiving the thank you card. Yeah – sounds insane right? So why not try this challenge. Go to Starbucks. Send the letters. It will change your life, I promise.

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What is the significance of five dollars in changing one’s marketing career and life?

Five dollars represents a small investment that can lead to big changes in one’s marketing career and life by opening up new opportunities for learning and growth.

What are some examples of ways to invest five dollars in one’s marketing career?

Examples of ways to invest five dollars in one’s marketing career include buying a marketing e-book, signing up for a Udemy course, or purchasing a subscription to a marketing tool or service.

Why is continuous learning important in the marketing field?

Continuous learning is important in the marketing field because the industry is constantly evolving, and marketers need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and strategies to remain competitive.

What are some benefits of investing in one’s marketing career?

Investing in one’s marketing career can lead to increased knowledge and skills, better job opportunities, higher earning potential, and personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

What are some examples of marketing e-books or courses that can be purchased for five dollars or less?

Examples of marketing e-books or courses that can be purchased for five dollars or less include “The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing” by Neil Patel and “The Complete Instagram Marketing Course” on Udemy.

What are some examples of marketing tools or services that can be subscribed to for five dollars or less?

Examples of marketing tools or services that can be subscribed to for five dollars or less include Canva for creating graphics, Hootsuite for social media management, and Mailchimp for email marketing.

How can investing five dollars in one’s marketing career lead to personal growth and fulfillment?

Investing in one’s marketing career can lead to personal growth and fulfillment by providing opportunities for learning and development, as well as the satisfaction of achieving professional goals and making a positive impact on one’s company or clients.

What other benefits can come from investing in one’s marketing career?

Other benefits of investing in one’s marketing career can include networking opportunities, mentorship, and the ability to contribute to the success of a company or clients.

Can investing five dollars really make a significant impact on one’s marketing career and life?

Yes, investing even a small amount of money in one’s marketing career can make a significant impact by opening up new opportunities for learning and growth. It is a small investment that can lead to big returns in the future.

What are some other ways to invest in one’s marketing career besides spending five dollars?

Other ways to invest in one’s marketing career include attending conferences, networking events, and workshops, as well as seeking out mentorship and volunteering for relevant projects or causes.

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