How Five Dollars can Change Your Marketing Career and Your Life.

If you learned nothing from the but these two words – then I can die a happy person because these two words – despite all the tricks, tips, insider info, and books – are the two words that will take you farthest not only in work but also in life. If you were two quit your marketing job in property restoration tomorrow, but you remembered and used these two […]


5 Excuses to Revisit Restoration Contacts

I’m not sure if you’ve already covered the topic, but one comes to mind! I was curious if you have any tips on re-visiting contacts. I’ve made my first trip into their offices introducing myself and the company. On my second trip, I delivered goody bags with information about our company & chocolates. Now, where do I go from here? Thank you! Revisiting contacts – YES! The only way to […]


Your Marketing Can’t (and shouldn’t) Please Everyone. The Kmart Example.

Many of us have seen the recent ads for K-Mart – that stuff-mart type store that somehow never has gone out of business (if you see the one where I live, you’d understand where I coming from judging by the amount of cobwebs plaguing the furniture setups). Kmart, founded in 1962, has been through some rough, rather bland marketing years, but in the past year, Kmart has done something rather […]


The Results are In : Restoration Business Owners Prefer Forward Thinking Marketing Teams

Six months ago we took a poll on our ever-growing Linkedin Group –, the Restoration Marketing Blog (highly recommend becoming a member *cough cough*). The question was this: What is the #1 attribute you look for in a new marketing hire? – What-is-1-attribute-you-4866854.S.237342919?qid=e406211b-fa45-4901-b012-466e9cd070b6&trk=groups_most_popular-0-b-ttl&goback=%2Egmp_4866854 Wonder what the winning answer was? We gave participants 5 different options all dealing with various aspects the comprise pretty valuable attributes of a solid […]


5 Linkedin Restoration Networking Groups You Should Join Right Now

Let’s be honest – Linkedin is a GREAT resource for not only connecting with clients, but also connecting with competitors. *gasp* Yes, yes you read that correctly – I said connecting with competitors. We all have plenty of stuff to learn from others, and goodness knows we have learned plenty of lessons ourselves. So, now that you’re past the initial shock of actually sitting down with those you spend all […]


Why Your Restoration Company Should be on Facebook

I was on a conference call the other day (I hate conference calls… everyone talking at the same time) when someone said “I just don’t get why we have to be on Facebook.” We were talking about a local association’s involvement with the online social networking site. What a great statement – he didn’t understand something, so he felt that it was unnecessary Imagine if everything we didn’t take the […]


5 Job Websites Where You Can Post your Restoration Marketing Jobs

Let’s face it – there’s tons of turnover in the restoration industry. Hopefully, you won’t need to use this resource often, but when the time comes, it’s good to know some places where you can post up an open position or find a few high-quality resumes. Five Job Posting Websites for Restoration Marketing Jobs – Probably one of my favorites, boast of over 80 million unique visitors […]


5 Items You Should Be Dropping Off at Fire Stations

Happy Tips Tuesdays – the day of the week where I give you some sort of awesomesauce restoration marketing tip! 5 Items You Should Be Dropping Off at Fire Stations I’m sitting here with our emergency responder (fire chasers, people, fire chasers… let’s call them what they are) and we’re talking about the 5 best things he’s taken to fire station – what the industry formally refers to as “Fire […]