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5 Items You Should Be Dropping Off at Fire Stations

I’m sitting here with our emergency responder (fire chasers, people, fire chasers… let’s call them what they are) and we’re talking about the 5 best things he’s taken to fire station – what the industry formally refers to as “Fire Station / Emergency Response Marketing” … (it’s still fire chasing no matter how pretty you wrap the package).

Marketing to fire men may not seem like rocket science. Men + Food = Happy Men. But when fire stations are taken free food all. of. the. time., there’s some strategy that may help you set yourself apart from other restoration companies as well as getting you a warm reception from the men themselves!

Marketing to fire stations is a must for your emergency response department. If they’re not already doing it, start now… actually start yesterday. As with any marketing it’s all about relationship building. Do the marketing now and let the marketing work for you later… when your fire chaser is standing in front of a burning home and the Fire Marshall calls him over to speak with the homeowners – not the other guy.

Back to the subject at hand. What are the 5 items you should be dropping off at fire stations? From an experienced emergency responder, here’s a breakdown of the list ordered from decently accepted to things that will get the fire men asking for your business card.

5. Doughnuts

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? No one – that’s who. Doughnuts are a marketers best friend because A) they’re easily accessible, don’t expire or melt, are affordable and B) they’re warmly received (an important factor – even the best marketing flyer in the world is useless if the recipient doesn’t look at it). If you go the doughnut route, over budget your order – nothing is worse than not bringing enough food to a party and the fire station is no exception. If bringing in 3 dozen doughnuts is breaking your marketing budget, you’ve got worse problems to worry about! Think ahead – bring them plates, napkins, if you really want to go all out, bring a gallon of milk or two. These simple add-ons make the receiver feel like more than just a number on your list of places to visit. Think out side of the box… think circles (doughnuts… circles… you get it.)

4. Mixed Nuts

What? Yes. Mixed nuts. Imagine the lifestyle these men lead – working long shifts, eating food that’s either left over or dropped off – needless to say, their diet is lacking in the nutrition department which is awesome for you (no, I’m not a secret supporter of coronary artery disease). What’s great about mixed nuts is that A) they’re affordable, have a long shelf life, won’t be a contributor to the entire station’s diabetes fund and B) are great snacks for fire men long after you’ve dropped them off.

3. Oreos

Don’t ask me why we went from healthy back to cardiovascular meltdown food, but for some reason, oreos and firemen were a match made in baking heaven. Swing by with a bag of milk and cookies and you’ll have these guys thinking your an angel sent from food heaven in no time.

2. Water

You remember your doctor telling you to drink 8 fluid ounces of water every day? Well, consider me your marketing doctor telling you to drop off as much water as you can a day at fire stations. These men are working in high temperatures where dehydration is considered a four letter word. Water, and plenty of it, will always be a great marketing tool – don’t forget to slap your logo on the bottles!

1. Lunch

The number one thing most well-received at any fire station has always been lunch. Call ahead to let them know you’re coming and to get a head count and head out to your local Popeyes Chicken joint to completely make their day. Not into Popeyes? Try dropping off pizza… and not just any pizza. Find the local’s favorite and bring in that – it shows you actually cared enough to go out of your way to find them a neighborhood favorite!

That concludes our Tuesday Tips of 5 items you should be dropping off at fire stations. Marketing – whether it be in sales, fire chasing, agent marketing, commercial property marketing – is all about building a relationship. With all the ideas above, try to throw in your own flare… something that will set you apart in their minds and make them say “Oh yeah, I remember you… you were the guy who…” fill in the blank.

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Have an Idea?

Have an idea for things you can leave at fire stations to promote fire station marketing? Let us know! Sharing is caring, and hey, it’s good karma, right?

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