Why Your Restoration Company Should be Working with a Charity

“Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.” – Ludwig Borne

If there’s one thing everyone knows, it’s that what goes around comes around. You do good for others, good will come to you. And while we shouldn’t do good things with the intent of getting good back, it doesn’t hurt to enjoy the benefits. In a whole new marketing category entitled “Charitable Marketing” (also known as “cause marketing”), companies reach clientele by reaching out to their community. Not only does it actually help those in need, but it also helps build your brand image in the eyes of your target audience.

A few tips about working with a charity…

  • Keep It Local. Find a local homeless shelter and work with insurance agents in starting a clothing donation for that homeless center. Take pictures of you donating the clothing at the center. Helping out the local community will look much better than helping out a cause that’s hard for clients to relate to.
  • Keep It Involved. If your company spends a bunch of money on a charity and doesn’t tell anyone, did it even happen? Well yes, you helped people, but did your clients hear about it? Did you ask them to help? If there’s one thing I know about good karma, it’s that everyone once a piece of it. Ask your clients if they’d like to donate clothes, aid in prepping meals for volunteers, etc! What a GREAT way to network, right? (yes, I’m right… that was a rhetorical question)
  • Keep it Coming. The best advice in marketing is to keep marketing. Marketing isn’t a one-and-done type deal, and that goes for charitable marketing / cause marketing as well. If you are helping at a food shelter, do it every month. It will help get the word out that you’re doing good for more than just your bottom line.
  • Keep it Marketed. Obviously, I’m all for marketing. Find your cause and make it known. Blog, Facebook, Newsletter, Mailers, etc. Spread it far and wide. Use pictures taken from the event. The more they see, the more they’ll remember.

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Why is it important for restoration companies to work with a charity?

It’s important for restoration companies to work with a charity because it can help them give back to their community, build a positive reputation, and increase employee morale and engagement.

What benefits can restoration companies gain from working with a charity?

Restoration companies can gain benefits from working with a charity such as increased brand recognition and awareness, improved customer loyalty and retention, and the opportunity to build partnerships and network with other businesses and organizations.

How can restoration companies choose a charity to work with?

Restoration companies can choose a charity to work with by identifying causes or organizations that align with their values and goals, researching the reputation and effectiveness of potential charities, and considering the impact and reach of the charity’s work.

What types of charitable activities can restoration companies engage in?

Restoration companies can engage in a variety of charitable activities such as fundraising events, volunteer work, donation drives, and sponsorship of charitable initiatives and programs.

How can restoration companies leverage their charitable activities to improve their marketing and branding?

Restoration companies can leverage their charitable activities to improve their marketing and branding by promoting their partnership and involvement with the charity on their website, social media channels, and other marketing materials, and highlighting the positive impact of their charitable work on their community and customers.

How can restoration companies involve their employees in charitable activities?

Restoration companies can involve their employees in charitable activities by offering paid time off for volunteer work, organizing team-building activities and events around charitable initiatives, and encouraging employee participation and engagement in charitable work.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when working with a charity?

Common mistakes to avoid when working with a charity include not selecting a reputable or effective charity, not aligning with the values or mission of the charity, and using charitable activities solely for marketing or branding purposes without genuinely committing to making a positive impact.

How can restoration companies measure the impact of their charitable activities?

Restoration companies can measure the impact of their charitable activities by tracking metrics such as funds raised, volunteer hours contributed, and the impact on the community or cause they are supporting, and regularly evaluating and adjusting their charitable initiatives based on these metrics.

How can restoration companies continue to build and maintain relationships with their charity partners?

Restoration companies can continue to build and maintain relationships with their charity partners by regularly communicating and collaborating on charitable initiatives, recognizing and appreciating the contributions of the charity and its members, and finding new ways to support and amplify the mission and work of the charity.

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