A List of 25 Restoration Companies and their Tag Lines


The restoration world is absolutely huge, so marketing is key in setting ones self apart. I’ve come up with a list (based on Remodeling 550’s top 25 Restoration Companies of 2012 – http://www.remodeling.hw.net/remodeling-market-data/insurance-restoration1.aspx ) of restoration company tag lines… those who have them, those who don’t, and what that means.

Out of the list of 27 or so Restoration companies (I took the liberty of adding a few myself), I found that only 11 companies had clearly states tag lines. A tag line can be defined as “a catchphrase or slogan, esp. as used in advertising.” Whether they’re right for you and your company is a different story.

So let’s say you don’t think tag lines are important. Let’s run a little test (don’t worry, you won’t be graded… maybe). Fill in the blanks… as fast as you can, if you can’t think of one, go on to the next one.

  • Every Kiss Begins with ______________________ .
  • _________ – Just Do It.
  • Have it Your Way. – ________________________
  • I’m Lovin’ It. – _____________________________
  • Melts in Your Hand, Not in Your Mouth. – ________
  • _______________________, You’re in Good Hands.
  • Can You Hear Me Now? Good. – ________________
  • _____________________, Because You’re Worth It.
  • What happens here, stays here. – ____ ___________
  • The quicker picker-upper _____________________

I could go on and on. How’d you score? If not fairly well, you need to get out more.

Then why look up tag lines?! Well, I was talking to my grandmother about restoration marketing, and the first thing she says was, “Oh, you mean “like it never even happened?” No no, I don’t work for Servpro and they’re not paying me to make other restoration companies jealous (I do accept Starbucks as a legal for of bribery… kidding), but they built up a brand so strong that my grandmother, who has never used a restoration company, knew exactly who they were.

  • A-1 Flood Tech – http://www.a1floodtech.com/ – “We Keep You Dry”
  • A & I Fire & Water Restoration – http://www.ai-restoration.com/
  • Acumen Contractors – http://www.acumencontracting.com/
  • American Technologies Inc. – http://www.atirestoration.com/
  • Belfor Holdings: “The Worldwide Leader in Disaster Recovery and Property Restoration”
  • Bloomfield Construction – http://www.bloomfieldconstruction.com/
  • Bowles Construction – http://bowlesconstruction.com/ : “The First Call Solves it All”
  • Calvary Construction & Consulting – http://www.cavalryconstruction.com/ : “Trusted leader in the Restoration Industry since 1989”
  • Giertsen Co. – http://giertsenco.com/html/home.html : “When Disaster Strikes, Count on Giertsen”
  • J.C. Restoration – http://www.jcrestoration.com/ : “Helping You Rebuild”
  • John H. Allen Company – http://www.johnhallen.com/
  • Kowalski Construction Inc. – http://www.kowalski.com/ : “Piecing Together Home and Business… since 1967.”
  • Mellon Certified Restoration – http://www.melloncr.com/
  • Menold Construction & Restoration – http://www.menoldinc.com/
  • Metro Disaster Specialists – http://www.metrodisaster.com/
  • Paul Davis Restoration – http://www.pauldaviscompanies.com/ : “Call Paul!”
  • RestorAid Remodeling and Restoration – http://www.restoraid.com/ :
  • Servpro : “Like it Never Even Happened”
  • ServiceMaster
  • Statewide Disaster Restoration – http://statewidedisaster.com/statewide-disaster-restoration-michigan-florida/ :
  • The Roofman – http://www.roofman.com/ :
  • Quality First Builders – http://www.qfbuilders.com/ : “In Time of Crisis, We Put What Matters First.”
  • Ultraclean Disaster Response Team – http://www.ultracleanpro.com/
  • United Cleaning & Restoration – http://www.unitedcr.com/aboutus.htm
  • USPro – http://www.usproservices.com/
  • VanDam Krusinga Building and Restoration – http://www.vk1call.com/ : “When Disaster Strikes, We’re here for You.”

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What are taglines?

Taglines are short, memorable phrases that are used to communicate the core message or brand identity of a company. Taglines are often used in advertising and marketing materials, such as print ads, commercials, and websites, to help companies stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

What kind of restoration companies are listed in the article?

The article features a list of 25 restoration companies from a variety of industries, including water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and more.

What information is provided for each company in the article?

For each company listed in the article, the name of the company and its tagline are provided. The taglines offer a glimpse into the unique branding and messaging of each company, and can provide inspiration for other restoration businesses looking to develop their own taglines.

Can I find contact information for these restoration companies in the article?

No, the article only provides the names and taglines of each restoration company. To find contact information or learn more about a specific company, you can search for their website or contact information online.

Are these companies listed in any particular order?

No, the companies listed in the article are not listed in any particular order.

How can this list of restoration companies and their taglines benefit my business?

This list of restoration companies and their taglines can benefit your business by providing inspiration and ideas for developing your own tagline and branding. By researching the unique branding and messaging of these companies, you can gain insight into the marketing strategies and techniques used by successful restoration businesses.

Can I use these taglines for my own business?

It is not recommended to use the taglines of other companies for your own business, as this can be considered plagiarism and may infringe on the trademark rights of the original company. Instead, use this list as inspiration to develop your own unique tagline that accurately reflects the branding and messaging of your business.

Are these taglines protected by copyright or trademark laws?

Yes, many of these taglines are protected by copyright or trademark laws, and using them without permission can result in legal consequences. It is important to respect the intellectual property rights of these companies and develop your own unique tagline for your business.

How often is this list of restoration companies and their taglines updated?

The frequency of updates to this list of restoration companies and their taglines is not specified. However, it is likely that the list is periodically updated to reflect changes in the restoration industry and the branding of individual companies.

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  1. very useful list of restoration company. i live in Canada (Toronto). a couple of years back, my naughty kids set fire while lightening the Cristmas Tree with Candles. The room was burning and i had to do something quick then i used the services provided by the Fire Damage Restoration – http://www.aaes.ca/ . these people quickly came and saved the day. i hope this will be another good addition in the list.

  2. ww.nationalwaterrestoration.com

    National Water Restoration is not a force to reckon with when disaster strikes

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