What to Look for in your Marketing New Hire

Ok, let me start off with this disclaimer : If you’re on the RestorationMarketingBlog.com because you want to do your own marketing, awesome. This post isn’t for you (although I highly commend your efforts here). But since you’re on the Restoration Marketing Blog already, why not go check out some other cool articles.

Now back to what I was saying –

What to Look For in Your New Marketing Employee

Some of this is preference and some of this is highly recommended, but take this all as a “in my opinion” post. There are many talents and skills a marketer should possess, but i my opinion (see, there I used that phrase again), this is what you should look for during that interview process.

  • Do they have a smart phone?

Weird way to start off an interview, but check – do they have an iPhone? Perhaps they pulled up their resume on a tablet? Does anything about their electronics tell you that this person knows their way around an app store? It’s HUGELY important to have a marketer who understands the 21st century and the way marketing is headed. So basically I’m saying if your potential new hire pulls out a Razor (yes, we all had one even if we don’t want to admit it) flip phone and starts writing a text, run – don’t walk – in the other direction.

  • Are they organized?

In marketing, organization is next to godliness. If you’re potential new hire shows up late (a given automated “we’ve filled the position already” response is required in that situation btw), didn’t print off his / her resume for you, and really has no signs of being able to keep a rolodex, shake their hand and let them know they’ve wasted their time in coming there. Marketing is jut a synonym to organization, and someone who lacks it on day one will no doubt lack it on day 294. You’re not here to babysit or teach, you’re here to make money and your marketer is your right hand man (or woman) in that mission.

  • Ask the about their top 3 favorite marketing blogs.

Random, I know – but the marketing industry is ever changing and staying abreast of new industry treads is a must. I mean, the internet was just an infant 10 years ago, and now look at where we are! I doubt many would-be marketers would be able to answer this question without stuttering, but you really need someone who has a passion towards marketing in general. In case you’re interviewing for a marketing position, I highly recommend Andrew Chen – http://andrewchen.co/ , Quick Sprout, & the Social Media Examiner.

  • Ask for a strategy.

Situational a Strategy questions are awesome. Why? It gives you a glimpse into that person’s brain. How they work. What makes them tick. Create a scenario and ask your marketer how they would handle it. Let’s say something like “I have 300 Facebook fans on my page and I need to get to 400 by the end of the month. What three ways would you recommend I get to that goal? What would be my budget? What would be my ROI?” Get into their heads and see how they think.

  • Don’t hire based on a piece of paper.

College is awesome. It is also a waste of time. I majored in marketing in college, and other than some useful terminology and a giant bill, it really didn’t affect my marketing strategies of today. Hey – if you’re stuck on “we only hire Ph.D’s to do our agent-to-agent marketing, best of luck to you, but what you really need is a passion and creativity to try new things and think out of the box – not someone who can write a dissertation on the origin of mankind. Better question to ask? What was the last marketing-related webinar they dove headfirst into. Believe me, with websites like Skillshare people have few excuses not to continue to learn.

  • You have the write to remain not silent.

Check their copy. What is copy? It’s the way they write – and it’s vitally important to your marketing person since hopefully they’ll be running your blog (yes, you need a blog), writing thank you letters to clients, and typing up invites to your happy hour next week. Someone who can write well also is pretty much a shoe in for someone who can speak well. The two go hand in hand and are an important attribute to any quality marketer. The last thing you want to do is hire someone you have to double as a spell-checker and copywriter for!

  • Would you buy from them?

That person you’re interviewing across the table will be the face of your company should they sign on the dotted line. Ask yourself this : would you buy from them. Would you trust that person with your property? The answer to that question will dictate whether or not your hire them. If you don’t see yourself shaking hands and handing over the keys to your flooded apartment to that person, your clients (or would-be clients) won’t either. Just because they’re in your office for the interview doesn’t make them the best candidate for the job. Remember, a marketer’s first impression is usually under a minute, so even if their the godsend of marketing, you may not want them out in the field.

  • Followup

I hate to sound old school, but this is important. If you don’t decide to hire them on the spot and tell them the whole “We’ll think if over” schpeal, check to see if they follow up. Did they send you an email thanking you for the time your set aside for them? Did they send you a hand-written letter? Did they send you a box of chocolates (I’ve done this before… it has a 100% success rate). How they follow up with you is a good sign on how they’ll follow up with clients – so keep an eye out.

Obviously, the things I’ve mentioned here are from a restoration marketer’s perspective. Whether or not they “play well with others” in your office is something only you can determine. Hire slowly, fire quickly. You want this person to be around as long as possible because they’ll be the face of your brand.

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What qualities should you look for when hiring a new marketer?

When hiring a new marketer, it’s important to look for qualities such as creativity, adaptability, strong communication skills, analytical ability, and a strong work ethic.

What experience and skills should you look for in a new marketer?

Experience and skills to look for in a new marketer include a background in marketing, familiarity with marketing software and tools, experience with data analysis and reporting, and strong writing and content creation skills.

How can you assess a candidate’s marketing skills and knowledge during the hiring process?

You can assess a candidate’s marketing skills and knowledge during the hiring process by asking targeted interview questions, requesting examples of their work and past campaigns, and administering marketing assessments or tests.

How important is cultural fit when hiring a new marketer?

Cultural fit is important when hiring a new marketer because a good fit can lead to higher job satisfaction and better teamwork, as well as alignment with the company’s values and goals.

What questions should you ask during a marketing job interview?

Questions to ask during a marketing job interview include asking about the candidate’s experience with specific marketing tools and strategies, asking for examples of successful campaigns they have run, and asking about their approach to problem-solving and adapting to change.

How can you ensure that your new marketer is successful in their role?

You can ensure that your new marketer is successful in their role by providing them with clear goals and expectations, offering training and support as needed, and setting up regular performance evaluations and feedback sessions.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when hiring a new marketer?

Common mistakes to avoid when hiring a new marketer include not setting clear goals or expectations, hiring based solely on technical skills or experience, and not considering cultural fit or team dynamics.

How important is continuing education and professional development for marketers?

Continuing education and professional development is important for marketers because the marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest tools and strategies can help them stay competitive and effective in their role.

What resources are available for marketers to continue their education and professional development?

Resources available for marketers to continue their education and professional development include online courses and certifications, industry conferences and events, and networking and mentorship opportunities.

What are some emerging trends in marketing that new hires should be aware of?

Emerging trends in marketing that new hires should be aware of include the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the increasing importance of data privacy and security, and the growing influence of social media and influencer marketing.

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