If an app can make my life more efficient, I will THROW money its way. And when that efficiency-inducing app is free? I will tell the world about it. Such is the case with PushBullet – https://www.pushbullet.com/ – the application that connects your smart devices with your browser instantly.

Here’s Why You Need Pushbullet in Your Life.

If you’re like me, you are getting contacted incessantly through email, voicemail, text, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, smoke signal, etc. And if you are still like me, you struggle when it comes to texting on them new fangled thingy-a-majiggies (yes – I sound old, but I’m really bad at texting via smart phones). This is why PushBullet’s integrated browser app and phone app work together so well for me.

If I receive a text on my phone, it instantly pops up on the right side of my browser. I’m given the options to close out of the notification, or I can actually respond instantly by texting straight from my computer. The receiver notices no difference, and I can actually respond 10x’s as fast by typing on a computer (vs. typing on my smart phone of death).

Find an awesome quote on a cool website like RestorationMarketingBlog.com (shameless self promo)? With the Pushbullet browser app, right click any photo (as if you were going to “Save As”) and instantly push it to any device… no saving needed.

If you’re not already opening the app store, here’s a few more things. What else can you do with Pushbullet? Here’s what their website says…

  • Use Pushbullet to move files, pictures, links, and more between your devices really easily.
  • Pushbullet can show your Android phone’s notifications on your computer, enabling you to see who’s calling or texting without having to grab your phone!
  • With our Windows desktop app, you can send pictures and other files to your phone by right-clicking on them. No need to email yourself to quick get a file on your phone!
  • Browsing on your phone and see something you want to check out on your computer later? Just push it from your phone to your computer and it’ll be there waiting for you!
  • Just take a picture with your phone and want to get it on your computer? No need to hook up your phone anymore, now you can just push it from your phone to your computer with Pushbullet.
  • You can even use Pushbullet to send links and more from your phone to your tablet (or the other way around).

Restoration Marketing is about efficiency – because that’s what we do – we respond to disasters as fast as possible to mitigate further damage. And when it comes to marketing those services, efficient, timely responses make your company look good.

Click Here to Read More on PushBullet and Download their Web App.

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