Expos… or what I like to refer to as “ tchotchke – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tchotchke conventions” are a necessary part of any property restoration marketer’s to-do list. From associations to local gatherings, everyone has a convention and everyone needs vendors to display (also known as “paying for said convention“). The main goal at conventions is to get your name out there, gather business cards, and hand out your information in the form of flyers, business cards, and… well, tchotchke items. So, what are the best items to hand out at Expos?

3 Best Item to Give Out at Expos

  1. The best items to give out are the ones that bring back business cards (because everyone knows that once you have their business card, you have the key to their souls, right?!). Cash. is. King. Having a giveaway at an expo for a cash prize will have business cards raining down on you! Be creative with it. I once saw a large clear beach ball filled with crumpled up dollar bills with the premise being that you guess how much money was in the beach ball to win the whole thing. The line was down the aisle to guess! Corny, but it definitely attracts the attention of bored expo attendees.
  2. Second best thing to give out at expos? Bags. I know, boring right? But you have to understand that everyone at expos is giving away stuff… and attendees end up with so. much. stuff. that they have no idea where to put it (thank goodness us ladies are allowed to carry around oversized purses). The #1 question I’m asked at Expos is “Are you guys giving away bags?” Me: “No” Them: “Do you know who is?” So there, slap your logo on a bag… again, be creative. Here, I even Googled “ creative bags – https://www.google.com/search?q=creative+shopping+bags for you. What you want is to get people talking about you… even if it’s through your bags.
  3. Third best thing you should be always be giving away at expos? Food. Candy. Doughnuts. Something that makes people want to stop by, grab a fist full and a business card. Mints – great idea… every body is looking to freshen up their breath before their next conversation. Candy that has an old school twist? You’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hands… literally and figuratively. Doughnuts in the morning with a cup of coffee is always a huge hit.

So there – from my personal experience, the three best things will have people stopping by your booth, but it will take your personality to get them to stay at your booth. Smile. I hate to sound cliche, but so often people come up and say “Wow, you all just seem really happy!” Am I happy standing for 8 hours at a booth? Who cares… my face says I am. My countenance is presentable and welcoming, and the stuff I’m giving away. is. awesome.

The key is to think outside of the box. Use what I mentioned above as a baseline and take it to the next level. Be fun, be creative, and be memorable.

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  1. May 2, 2013  11:05 AM by Tish Reply

    GREAT post...I've played a money ball game similar to the beach ball and teach it to my clients...I's crazy the people that line up! Add to the idea...The winner to be announced on your website...if you do CE classes, put the winners name on your CE class schedule page.
    For the second idea about handing out bags...Make them the biggest you can buy and the brightest color. Then stand at the front of the booth and have people drop everyone elses bag into yours...Step back and watch the crowd of bright colored bags out there marketing your company! They will also be used at home for the beach and groceries...

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