What do you always hear about social media? The key is… consistency. Posting around the same time every day or every other day is far more useful than posting once a month and hoping that does anything for your bottom line (I’m going to call it now and say it doesn’t do much). But when you’re running a restoration company as well as running in and out of client’s homes, property management company headquarters and feeding firemen a plethora of snacks every day, that doesn’t leave much time to update the social aspects of the business.

The Buffer Social App for Restoration Marketing

Let me introduce you to… The Buffer App – http://bufferapp.com/ where you can post anytime, anywhere on anything. Ok, so not anything but definitely from most things. The Buffer Social app allows its users to “share and schedule from your browser, your mobile device or from Web pages. With Buffer you can share images, video, articles, news and more.” (via smallbiztrends.com – http://smallbiztrends.com/2013/03/social-sharing-app-buffer.html )

You can add more than one Facebook page (hallelujah for those of us who admin more than only one page), as well as your Facebook profile, multiple Twitter accounts, and even your Linkedin account! If this app isn’t a “hole in one,” I’m not sure what is. If that isn’t enough, Buffer – http://bufferapp.com/ also shows analytics on posts – who liked, retweeted, shared, etc. so that you can better manage which posts garner the most interaction and focus on such posts. Lastly, Buffer allows access for your entire social team – meaning those of you with a restoration marketing department of more than yourselves are free to delegate work (yay for interns!) you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. It also features a mobile function for those who “share on the go” (ahem… not while driving…) as well as a “buffer button” that lets you share content as you read it (like, for example, this awesome article you’re reading).

From what we can see, Buffer Social App is a two-thumbs-up app that really allows you to upkeep those ever changing, ever needy social media channels. At a price of $10 a month – http://bufferapp.com/awesome , who wouldn’t consider this a steal?!

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