Edit: This post was written on November 3rd, 2014. The print screens and instructions reflect Woobox’s website on that date. Instructions may be subject to change, so keep an eye out for design changes.

This post will be quick and dirty because we’ve all got things to do, people to see, and homes to restore (right?). The cardinal rule of social media as a social media marketer is this :

Better to have no social media that social media you rarely update.

So often I see business owners create social media profiles only to leave them dormant, collecting internet cobwebs. What does that say to your clients? To me it says you are old, your business practices are outdated, or you don’t really care – and as a social media manager (or whatever marketing title you possess), it’s your job to make sure this never happens.

That said, if you’re active on your social profiles and you want to easily connect them, I’ll show you how to connect your social profiles like Twitter and Pinterest to form a tab on your company’s Facebook page. See an example of it live on the Restoration Marketing Blog’s Face page (and give us a like… if you’d like). – https://www.facebook.com/RestorationMarketingBlog

Step 1: Connect your personal Facebook page (that is admin of the business profile you’d like to connect other profiles with) with Woobox.com – https://woobox.com/ by clicking the “TRY IT FREE” tab smack dab in the middle. Don’t worry – connecting this with your personal profile is the only way to sign up, BUT you won’t be connecting your personal information.

Step 2: Click on View Your Dashboard in the top right corner. This will take us to the place where you can try some of Woobox’s paid applications (have at it if it’s in your budget), but we’re going to focus on their free applications right now.

Step 3: If you have more than one Facebook page associated with your personal profile, you’ll need to select the correct page by click on the drop down next to your Business’s Profile Picture. If you only have one business profile, this will be automatically selected so don’t worry about this. Click on Static Tabs in the top bar – towards the center top of your scree. On the next page, select “Create a New Tab” in green.

Step 4: From the drop down, select the social profiles you’d like affiliated with your Facebook page. You’ll need the various usernames associated with each account. For example, setting up a Twitter profile tab will look something like this:

From here, you add your Twitter Username (for example, mine would be RestorMarketing) and decide whether or not you want responses included (when you Tweet to a specific user) or if you’d only like tweets containing certain words featured (for a restoration company, you may choose “Rain” “Storm” “Flood” etc… or skip this and just include all tweets).

Hit “Save Settings” and voila – you’ve connected your first social profile to your Facebook page! Wash, rinse, and repeat for each social profile you’ve got – Woobox includes free profiles for Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest as well as custom HTML tabs for the more adventurous types.

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