I’m not sure if you’ve already covered the topic, but one comes to mind! I was curious if you have any tips on re-visiting contacts. I’ve made my first trip into their offices introducing myself and the company. On my second trip, I delivered goody bags with information about our company & chocolates. Now, where do I go from here? Thank you!

Revisiting contacts – YES! The only way to reconnect, but how do you do it without sounding like a never ending record on repeat. “Oh hey, if you didn’t remember me from three weeks ago, my name is still Kim and we still do property restoration… oh and we still want your business.” Yeah – that’s just not going to cut it.

So the question remains – what’s the best way to revisit contacts you’ve already visited? Like the title says – give yourself an excuse. Blah, blah – no, I’m not going to tell you to sit down and give yourself the salesy pep talk and rally cry while you bust through the door a mere three weeks after you. were. just. there. There’s a reason why you feel awkward walking back through that door – because, without a valid excuse to be there, it is awkward.

So, here’s a few of my favorite “excuses” I’ve come up with to revisit my restoration contacts, and hopefully you can find some inspiration (and if you come up with your own excuses, please – share and share alike!).

5 Excuses to Revisit Contacts

  • Contest Promotion – corny? Maybe, but people love free stuff especially when their job is eye seeringly boring (and insurance people know boring). I once did a contest where the winner would get an ice cream party. I stopped by the office to drop off the promotional material and then I stopped by the offices again to deliver delicious ice cream (and believe me, in the summer heat, it was a race against time). So that one excuse gave me two reasons to “drop by” – and the office people loved it. Only heartless people don’t like ice cream, right?
  • “Random” Lunch Winner – we work a lot of trade shows, and usually we have a giant bowl to collect business cards for a promotional giveaway, but giving away an iPad only cost us money with little return. Most winner took their glorified iPods and ran. So we opted for a “win lunch for your entire office” giveaway. This let contestants (business card droppers) look like heros to their office mates should they win. And of course, we picked more than one winner. It gave us an excuse to drop by with food to someone who basically asked us to – talk about a win win.
  • Monthly CE Class Schedules – ah yes, CE Classes. And if you’re hosting them, you should get your money’s worth by dropping off a schedule. But here’s the catch – don’t drop off your schedule for the year or even for the season. Drop off a schedule for the upcoming month. Tell them you’ll be back next month to drop off a new schedule. Who have a valid reason to be back, and they’ll want you back if they need those credits.
  • One on One Meetings – yes, you’ve dropped by their offices already, but the value of a “one to one” (BNI’ers will know what I mean) is limitless. You’ve singled out one person in the office and you’ve asked to get to know them better. Hey – even try it offsite at a coffee shop near their office. Take sales off the table – you’re just here to build a relationship. And do define the time. Something like “Hey you, I stopped by your office earlier this month, but I’d love to get to know you more. No sales pitch, I promise, but coffee is on my tab!” They can either take you up on your free offer, or offer to pay themselves, but either way – you’ve reconnected on a personal level with this contact – and that is how you sell long term.
  • We Were Doing Work in Your Area – if your restoration company is like ours, you’re doing work literally everywhere, so what better than to drop by simply because you were in the area. Hey – doing work at a restaurant? Grab some of their desserts to go and take it to any contacts within the near vicinity. Do some cross promotion for you clients and they’ll sing your praises to boot.

I know you all are constantly knocking on doors and have probably come up with a few cool ideas to revisit – goodness knows, we had to – it was just getting awkward! Comment and let everyone know some great ideas. Marketing is all about give and take, right?

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  1. April 23, 2015  8:39 PM by Judy Reply

    Is there another link to click on to read the rest of the article? I would love to read more, but nothing else is showing up except for the opening paragraph.


  2. March 28, 2016  10:41 AM by Bre Reply

    Great article! I used to work in insurance, I am now in restoration marketing. When marketing to insurance companies, you really don't need a reason to stop by. All the restoration company marketers do it every 4-6 weeks. They usually bring goodies and just talk to whoever is available. But having a reason would be even better, but if you just absolutely can't think of one, then just take goodies and leave them.

    • April 13, 2016  9:43 PM by MarketingGenius Reply

      Awesome to hear feedback from "the other side" - thanks for the tips! Join our group on Linkedin, would love to have your voice.

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