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Welcome to our first installment of “Social Sunday,” the day we set aside to discuss social media and the ever complicated restoration industry. Unlike most construction companies who capitalize on an emotional connection to get a woman to want to remodel her kitchen or a man to want to turn that car port into his dream “man cave,” restoration companies have one of the toughest hurdles of all – marketing before the services are wanted or needed. How do you make someone want to use you to de-flood their basement when their basement hasn’t even flooded? The odds are definitely against us – that is, until the rain storm hits.

That’s the interesting thing about property restoration marketing – nobody wants to hear from you until they need to hear from you. And when that time comes, there are many restoration guys out there vying for that homeowners attention. So how do you set yourself apart from the next guy with a van and a hammer who recently got into the restoration business… yesterday?

This is what I like to call “preemptive marketing” … marketing to your target audience before they even know why someone would call you. In the military, a preemptive strike is described as “a surprise attack that is launched in order to prevent the enemy from doing it to you.” A little extreme, but you get the point – preemptive marketing is reaching out to them before they have to reach out to you – to be the Top Gun of marketing.

Now you may be thinking I just have a lifetime crush on Tom Cruise, which I do, but seriously. When your marketing team is comprised of a Maverick and a Goose, you’ll be preemptively marketing like a navy jet pilot. Doing things out of the ordinary, reaching to be the best, having a team to back you up – this is what great marketing is made of. And, in the restoration industry, it’s a must. Thinking outside of the box… or the cockpit… is what will separate you from the guy down the street.

That’s what this blog is about – being the Maverick of Marketing


What’s Social Sunday?

Social Sunday – the day the Restoration Marketing Blog makes a post regarding the restoration industry and social media tactics, tips, tricks, and more.


What is preemptive marketing?

Preemptive marketing is a strategy that involves anticipating and addressing the needs and concerns of customers before they arise, in order to build trust and loyalty and gain a competitive advantage.

Why is preemptive marketing important?

Preemptive marketing is important because it allows businesses to proactively address customer needs and concerns, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

How can businesses implement preemptive marketing?

Businesses can implement preemptive marketing by conducting market research and analysis, creating content that addresses customer pain points and questions, and engaging with customers through social media and other channels.

What are some examples of preemptive marketing?

Examples of preemptive marketing include creating content that answers common customer questions, providing proactive customer support and service, and offering free resources or tools that address customer needs.

How can preemptive marketing improve customer satisfaction and retention?

Preemptive marketing can improve customer satisfaction and retention by demonstrating that a business understands and cares about its customers’ needs and concerns, and by providing proactive solutions and support.

Can preemptive marketing be used in any industry?

Yes, preemptive marketing can be used in any industry that involves customer interactions and relationships.

How does preemptive marketing differ from reactive marketing?

Preemptive marketing is proactive and focuses on anticipating and addressing customer needs and concerns before they arise, while reactive marketing responds to customer needs and concerns after they have arisen.

Can preemptive marketing lead to increased sales and revenue?

Yes, preemptive marketing can lead to increased sales and revenue by improving customer satisfaction and retention, and by building trust and loyalty among customers.

How can businesses measure the success of their preemptive marketing efforts?

Businesses can measure the success of their preemptive marketing efforts by tracking customer feedback and satisfaction, monitoring customer retention and loyalty, and analyzing website and social media engagement metrics.

What are some challenges that businesses may face when implementing preemptive marketing?

Challenges that businesses may face when implementing preemptive marketing include identifying customer needs and concerns, creating effective content and resources, and effectively communicating with customers through various channels.

What are some best practices for implementing preemptive marketing?

Best practices for implementing preemptive marketing include conducting thorough market research and analysis, creating high-quality and relevant content, engaging with customers through multiple channels, and continually evaluating and refining marketing efforts.

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