It’s SO important to track your online reviews. People will talk about you, and it’s up to you to jump in the conversation. You don’t know how many times I’ve heard the whole “I was going to use XYZ Business, but I saw their reviews and went with ABC Competitor.” One bad review can really mess you up, that’s why keeping a watchful eye on the interwebs is a key to online success. Most of your future clients will “google” you before they call you.

But there are so. many. review. websites. From Angie’s List to Yelp, you could spend hours every month checking from site to site to see what exactly people are saying about you. So don’t. No no, I’m not saying to stop checking your online review profiles, but I’m telling you to stop making it so hard on yourself.

Stop Tracking your Online Reviews and Let this Website Do it For You

*Bazaarify enters stage Right* is a website that allows small businesses to track their review website profiles without having to click on a dozen links! It has some pretty awesome features too like…

  • Aggregate all your reviews from major sites
  • Get new reviews via email surveys and mobile app
  • Auto-post best reviews on website, Facebook, Twitter
  • Promote your reviews on major sites and search engines
  • Customers refer you to family and friends
  • Customer check-in, appointment reminders and incentives

Um, why didn’t this website exist like 2 years ago?! This is the answer to solving that age old question we restoration people are always trying to answer which is “What are people saying about us?” And why is this (or at least “should this”) be important to you? According to their website…

  • 92% of users read online reviews before selecting a company
  • 74% will not select a business with a poor reputation
  • And a 1 star difference (up or down) on a review site will result in a revenue change between 5% – 9%


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