If you’ve ever made a post on your Facebook page in the last year (this post was written on 3/31/), you’ve seen the option to “promote posts” option … or maybe you haven’t, which is why I decided to throw this little tid-bit of information together for Social Sunday.

Promoting Posts on Facebook

Promoting posts on Facebook give page admins the benefit of reaching a larger majority of their audience. It is not the same as paying for ads which reach new potential likes. Let me explain – the Facebook timeline is constantly being refreshed moving older posts downward as new, fresh content is posted. It’s Facebook’s way of avoiding redundancy. Your page’s fan base will not log onto Facebook at the exact same moment meaning a lot of your fans (aka people who liked your page) will miss that awesome post you just made about the cat and the cheeseburger. To solve the issue (and generate some side cash), Facebook came out with a way to let page owners promote various posts.

When you promote a post, you’re paying to keep that post up at the top of your page’s fan’s timelines. When they log in, BAM – they’ll see your post and interact accordingly. The more you pay, the more of your fan base you reach.

Why Not Skip This and Just Pay For Ads?

We all want to build a massive online brand, right? But sometimes, quality is better than quantity (ok, most of the time… unless you’re talking about cupcakes, in which… quantity > quality). When you focus on cultivating the online relationships you already have, you build trust with your fan base. When there’s a flood, they’ll call you. Fire? You. Mold? Yep… you.

So utilizing Facebook’s “Promote Posts” feature can go a long way in getting your message to hit every one without having to annoyingly repost it every hour on the hour.

How to Promote Posts

Ok, so I’ve convinced you that quality is better than quantity and cultivating relationships is key and now you want to promote your first post, right? Well, find a post that’s worth promoting whether it be funny, informative, an upcoming event, a content… find the post! Go to the bottom of the post and you should see “Promote” with a drop down arrow. Click it.

Facebook Posts_PromoteYou should see the picture above. Choose your audience (you’ll have the option to select only the people who like your page, or them AND their friends… it’s really up to you). Choose your budget – the estimated reach will fluctuate in accordance with your budget. And finally, hit that “Promote Post” button! Voila. You’ve promoted your first post.

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