I found this app on Mashable Tech, a great place to keep up-to-date on various tech advances. – http://mashable.com/2013/02/20/any-do-moment/

To do lists are only as good as long as you check them. The minute you don’t check that list is the minute the items get lost in the mysterious land of forgotten things (which I’m 90% sure is where lost socks end up as well). So when I heard about an app that forces users to check their schedules at a set time every morning, I thought… “hmmm, this may work.
One of the most popular “to-do” list apps on both of the app stores, Any.Do – http://www.any.do/ features a sleek, clean design that is cross-compatable with just about any device you have. Even better, Any.Do allows users to share their “to-do’s” with friends and coworkers – a great option with your hectic marketing schedule. Any.Do also features the ability to schedule items for today, tomorrow, upcoming, and even “someday” for all of those wishful thinkers.
One of the most spectacular features of the app is the “Plan Your Day” aspect. The app allows users to set their own “schedule alarm clock” when the app will gently remind you to plan out your day according to your to-do list. Forgetfulness no more! And the creators even went the extra mile when they divided up the to-do lists into folders – Personal and Work (and whatever else you’d like really).
And finally, the #1 reason you should buy this app? It’s free. Yep, all that. Zero dollars. Go forth. Download. Get things done.


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