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How Five Dollars can Change Your Marketing Career and Your Life.

If you learned nothing from the RestorationMarketingBlog.com but these two words – then I can die a happy person because these two words – despite all the tricks, tips, insider info, and books – are the two words that will take you farthest not only in work but also in life. If you were two quit your marketing job in property restoration tomorrow, but you remembered and used these two […]


5 Excuses to Revisit Restoration Contacts

I’m not sure if you’ve already covered the topic, but one comes to mind! I was curious if you have any tips on re-visiting contacts. I’ve made my first trip into their offices introducing myself and the company. On my second trip, I delivered goody bags with information about our company & chocolates. Now, where do I go from here? Thank you! Revisiting contacts – YES! The only way to […]


Company Recommendation : WebsiteTroubleshooting.com

Here at the RestorationMarketingBlog.com we’d like to think we experts at everything – but we should probably just stick to marketing. Which is why, when I came upon some over-my-head web issues, I ran to Elance (an online website where end users submit a job bid upon by internet savvy freelancers all over the world) where I found my website match-made-in-heaven. WebsiteTroubleshooting.com run by Rob Docherty waltzed into my Elance […]


15 Things to Include in Your 2015 Restoration Marketing Plan

I love Ikea. Have you ever bought something from Ikea? It’s the land of everything you do and don’t need all in stackable boxes. I live very close to an Ikea and I find myself wandering through the endless patented Ikea maze every few months trying to find a piece of furniture to serve a specific need. Once home, I open the box and bust out the instruction manual (if […]


PushBullet – Instantly Connect Your Phone (tablet, PC, Kindle, etc.) & Your Browser

If an app can make my life more efficient, I will THROW money its way. And when that efficiency-inducing app is free? I will tell the world about it. Such is the case with PushBullet – https://www.pushbullet.com/ – the application that connects your smart devices with your browser instantly. Here’s Why You Need Pushbullet in Your Life. If you’re like me, you are getting contacted incessantly through email, voicemail, text, […]


Easily Connect all your Social Profiles to Facebook (for free)

Edit: This post was written on November 3rd, 2014. The print screens and instructions reflect Woobox’s website on that date. Instructions may be subject to change, so keep an eye out for design changes. This post will be quick and dirty because we’ve all got things to do, people to see, and homes to restore (right?). The cardinal rule of social media as a social media marketer is this : […]


The Power of Remembering to Follow Up

Submit Payment. *Click* You’ve just place your order online. Yes – that brand new Nutri-Something-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Needed blender is on sale and you just happened to be the lucky number 1,498,012th person to order one. Lucky you. You wait with bated breath every afternoon rushing home to see if you can perhaps – by some stroke of God-given luck – beat the man in the brown truck (UPS guy) to your door. […]


5 Ways to Market to Closed Door Insurance Professionals

Marketing to Insurance Professionals is no easy task. These guys have been around and by that I mean – they’ve seen every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the Restoration Marketing world. They know what we are all about and most of them don’t want to see us knocking. But marketing to insurance agencies, however inconvenient, is a necessary part of your restoration marketing tactics – and we’ve got some tips […]


Stop Tracking your Online Reviews and Let this Website Do it For You

It’s SO important to track your online reviews. People will talk about you, and it’s up to you to jump in the conversation. You don’t know how many times I’ve heard the whole “I was going to use XYZ Business, but I saw their reviews and went with ABC Competitor.” One bad review can really mess you up, that’s why keeping a watchful eye on the interwebs is a key […]


1 Incredibly Easy Change to Help You Better Market Your Facebook Page

Here’s one incredibly easy change to make to your Facebook page that will help you better market yourself on one of the largest websites in the world – and it’s super easy to do. First, let me show you what we’re going to do. We’re going to add your URL to the information bar of your Facebook page – this is the #1 place people look for information on you, […]


Your Marketing Can’t (and shouldn’t) Please Everyone. The Kmart Example.

Many of us have seen the recent ads for K-Mart – that stuff-mart type store that somehow never has gone out of business (if you see the one where I live, you’d understand where I coming from judging by the amount of cobwebs plaguing the furniture setups). Kmart, founded in 1962, has been through some rough, rather bland marketing years, but in the past year, Kmart has done something rather […]


What to Look for in your Marketing New Hire

Ok, let me start off with this disclaimer : If you’re on the RestorationMarketingBlog.com because you want to do your own marketing, awesome. This post isn’t for you (although I highly commend your efforts here). But since you’re on the Restoration Marketing Blog already, why not go check out some other cool articles. Now back to what I was saying – What to Look For in Your New Marketing Employee […]